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LMD-1000/1350 Gantry Calibrating Machine
LMD-1000 gantry calibrating machine is for calibrating the slab with max Width of 1000mm by adopting the plated-jointed structure The screw rod drives trolley to feed automatically Japanese Mitsubishi frequency converters make the cutting speed adjustable
D8D-880 Single Column Calibrating Machine
DOD-880 Single column calibrating machine adopts jointed structure, with trolley driven by hand It is the unique equipmenl for calibrating slab thickness and increasing flatness with flexible movement of blade, compact structure, fine appearance,stable performance and high processing precision
LSD Continous Calibrating Machine For Marble
Continous calibrating machine for marble for marble calibrating
YFQ-700 Brige-type Bidirectional Cuts Machine
This machine adopt in gantry phone frame,microprocessor control and optical fiber monitor
PLC-1200 Multifunctional Profile Machine
This machine is automatically controlled by microcomputer, specially designed to carry out architectural shaping such as profile, Roman column and other diverse shapes on granite and marble, it works with double blades and automatic tracking
PLC-1600 Bridge Profile Machine
This machine is applicable for cutting profile, Roman column and column slab in large scale
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